It’s often said that since lice do not carry diseases, they don’t present any long-term threats to our health. Does this mean it‘s okay to not remove them?

Before parents ignore their children’s head lice they need to understand how rapidly they multiply. A female louse can lay around 112 eggs in a matter of just 14-16 days— after mating just once! Can you imagine how many lice can be walking around your child’s head in just a few weeks? Lice will literally be dripping off their hair strands!

Effects of untreated lice

· Scalp infections

Lice feed off the human scalp, meaning they actually bite into the scalp and suck on your blood. A few lice here and there may not cause harm but hundreds of lice feasting on your scalp will surely cause irritation. The more lice walking on the head, the itchier the head is going to be. Excessive scratching damages the skin and makes it susceptible to infection. In cases where the infection has spread too much, the head may need to be shaved off.

· Anemia

Yes, having hundreds of lice feeding off your child’s head can lead to anemia. Humans are not supposed to serve as hosts to parasites, our body’s blood supply is meant for us – not for blood sucking insects.

· Social stigma

Although lice are not associated with poor self-hygiene, the idea of letting lice on your head isn’t considered the most sanitary. Leaving lice untreated can have social repercussions; most people do not like being around lice so expect your child’s social life to be impacted.

Instead of risking your child’s health, it’s better to have lice removed as soon as possible. Lice do reproduce at an alarming rate so the faster you remove them; the better it is for your child’s health.

Miami Lice Removal

With the help of Miami Lice Removal, lice and their nits can be removed within a matter of hours. Our all-natural products are gentle on your child’s scalp and have no side-effects. Our technicians have an eye for spotting and picking out nits.

Re-infestations within a couple of weeks are very frequent when it comes to lice which is why we also conduct home inspection and cleaning to make sure no critters are left behind.

Call us at 1-305-501-4889 for our in-home lice removal services or visit us in our lice treatment center in Miami.