Most insects don’t love the cold temperatures—but lice are amongst the few that aren’t bothered by it.

In fact, there are very few things that bug them at all.

Parents are under the impression that they can take a back seat when it comes to head screenings in school in the winter but they should be on high-alert because lice have just as much chance of spreading in the winter than other times of the year.

Wondering how lice spread in the winter?

All that extra clothing

All those warm and cozy layers your little ones are wearing are excellent for spreading lice. If lice just remained on heads, they may not be able to spread so easily, but unfortunately, they don’t.

They fall on to any sort of clothing including, woolen hats, scarves, jackets and hoodies and their claws allow them to grip on.

Lice can survive on an inanimate object for 24–48 hours. Even when they are trapped in clothing, they are still living. Children often share their jackets, hats and scarves with their friends and although it is a sweet gesture, it can spread lice.

Pillows, sheets and blankets

Winter holidays are an awesome time for sleepovers. However by the time the kids are done playing and finally go to bed, some lice have likely fallen on to pillows, sheets and blankets in the room. Sharing sheets and covers is another way lice spread.

Prevention measures

There’s no way to guarantee that your kid’s won’t get lice but there are some preventive measure they can take:

  • Ask them not to share their jackets, hats, etc.
  • Ask them to store their jackets, coats separately instead of on the rack with the others
  • Tell them not to share pillows, sheets, blankets, brushes
  • Check their heads frequently

Lice Busters

In case lice still manage to sneak onto your child’s head, don’t fret. It’s common for kids to get lice; it’s your job as parents to have them cleared as fast as possible.

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