Gangsters are often portrayed as anti-heroes in Hollywood films. The sad vagabond that has a deep and dark past, taken in by the don of a powerful organized crime syndicate.

And while gangsters have long ruled the cinematic screens of Hollywood, in reality, the portrayal of a sad individual, driven by an equally deafening cause for revenge is a fantasy.

This is especially true when you’re dealing with head lice!

As the bug thugs of the insect world, head lice only have one motive: feed on human blood.

These critters make it difficult for people to live a happy life, filling it with paranoia and social alienation. Worse than the critters from Starship Troopers, they’re a troublesome group, terrorizing children and sending parents spiraling down a hole of depression.

They don’t have guns. They have something worse. Claws.

They use these claws to dig into the scalp of their victims, extracting the treasure human blood) they seek.

The Wild, Wild Pest

The poor souls that are often the victims of these vile critters are desperate parents. Falling prey to another mafia (the pharmaceutical one), most parents end up purchasing tons of OTC products, only to fail miserably.

Not only are these OTC products laden with harsh chemicals such as lindane and ovide, they’re known for their cancerous effects. The same problem is with home remedies that are ineffective and often lead to damage to the hair follicles.

But before you throw in the towel, know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Why this Town Ain’t Big Enough For Critters

When it comes to treating head lice, always take the natural route. Natural remedies don’t compromise your safety and are safer than OTC products and home remedies.

If you’re looking for natural treatments, we’re here for you! Using shampoos, conditioners and combs that do not contain harsh chemicals, we guarantee removal of each and every critter (along with nits), without compromising your health!

As a professional lice removal service, we’re equipped with the knowledge on how to deal with head lice, and can help you get rid of the problem in one sitting. Our experts are licensed and experienced individuals that are aware of all the places these pesky parasites love to hide.

At Miami Lice Removal, we specialize in the treatment of head lice and removal of nits. Contact us today for further details!