We all have different taste in music. There’s no such thing as good taste or bad taste, everyone has a different taste.

And it goes without saying that without music, car rides would be really awkward.

But do you know what’s worse than that? Head lice.

Imagine sitting in your car with a friend, jamming to your favorite beats, when all of a sudden, a sesame seed-sized critter crawls across the dashboard. And you and your friend are left there, staring, while you question your existence.

But why feel embarrassed when you can make the most of the situation? This is exactly what a few musicians and comedians did!

We’ve rounded up a few songs that hilariously sum up what life with lice is like. Here are a few worth listening to:

Head Lice – Razor Jane

We always talk about how annoying head lice are. But have you ever wondered what life’s like from the point of view of a louse?

Razor Jane (The name’s a perfect fit, by the way) shows you what the world of a louse is like! In this hilarious video, she portrays the shenanigans of head lice, and how they cause trouble for their victims.

The Lice Song

It’s a song about…head lice. It talks about lice in general and how they are frustrating to deal with.

The song takes a comedic approach to the problem, keeping the tone light and engaging. Definitely worth checking out!

Lice, Lice, Baby!

Another hilarious song about dealing with head lice that makes you go, “What? What?”

Two guys (one with an afro) take on the lice game and talk about the issues of dealing with the pesky critters. It’s definitely worth watching and will tickle your funny bone!

Bonus Track

Itchy, Twitchy Feeling

While this one by Bobby Hendricks is not particularly about head lice, it does remind you of the problem (especially the title!)

The chorus goes:

“You get that itchy twitchy feeling

You start rocking and a reeling

Soon your arms and legs start flapping

Like a hound dog mouth a yapping”

It just goes to show how frustrating head lice can be. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with them forever!

While there’s no magic bullet for killing off lice within a few minutes, consulting a professional lice removal service is a great way to start.

A professional lice removal service has the expertise to remove head lice, without compromising your health. This is because they have especially-trained experts who know the tricks of the trade and use natural treatments to handle the job.

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