There’s no time like summer vacation to try out something bold! From dyeing your hair crimson red, to trying out a new café—summer is the time to take risks.

Summer is full of surprises, and they say that the best things in life are unforeseen.

But does that include head lice?

Head lice are the bane of every parent’s existence. They’re also the most common enemies of children.

They have a penchant for building a fortress inside your hair, and attacking at the most unwarranted moments. And they’re better at playing hide and seek than we ever will be.

The Most Common Places Lice Hide

There are some things in life which you just don’t question. But that’s not the case for head lice.

“Why did this happen to me?”

“How do I get rid of this problem?”

These are just some of the questions that pop into our mind when we encounter head lice.

What makes it worse is that no matter how many times we try to get rid of them, they also pop out of nowhere!

That’s because lice have a special place they like to hide. Actually, they have more than one place they like to hide. This is exactly why it’s so difficult to find them.

Here are a few places these pesky critters love playing hide and seek:

Behind the Ears

While you may think of something like, “Behind the ears? There’s not a lot of space!” remember that head lice don’t need a lot of space to lay eggs.

They are the size of a sesame seed and can therefore survive in a small space. Furthermore, the eggs are laid close to each other, giving lice plenty of room to build a nest.

In the Middle of the Scalp

This makes sense if you think about it. The middle of the scalp is where there’s a lot of blood. Lice like to nest in this spot because it’s easier to dig their claws in. In addition, this is also the part where the skin of the scalp is soft, making it easier for them to bite.

The Nape of the Neck

This area of our head is a little deep and wider than the rest of our head. This makes it easier for head lice to hide and nest. That’s why you always feel itchy in this area; it’s because lice like to hang out here the most.

But that doesn’t mean the problem can’t be treated. A professional lice removal service can help you naturally get rid of the problem, without compromising your health!

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