Like most insects, lice have a very small life cycle. They can hatch, become adults, reproduce and die within a couple of months’ time. But unlike other pests, lice feed off of us. Humans are their habitat and breeding ground which is what makes them so irritating. They may not be harmful but they are awfully annoying and embarrassing. Who wants insects living on their head? No one!

Because lice can fully infest a head in a couple of weeks’ time, it’s important to understand their life cycle to effectively break it.

1) Nits

Lice begin as tiny eggs called nits. Most species are vulnerable as eggs; females of other species spend a lot of time and effort in protecting their eggs from being stolen, broken, etc.—not lice eggs though. Nits are almost indestructible.

As an egg, lice are at their strongest. Female lice lay eggs near the scalp where they stay out of danger because they can’t be seen (unless someone goes looking for them) or touched. To protect them even further, the eggs are covered in a sticky substance that lets them latch on to the hair. The only way they can be moved is by being picked out manually.

2) Nymphs

Nymphs are baby lice. Other than the fact that their small size allows them to dodge the teeth of fine-tooth comb, nymphs don’t do much harm because they can’t yet reproduce. However, it doesn’t take them long to grow into adults at all. In just a matter of a week or two, nymphs become fully grown lice that can reproduce.

3) Adult lice

This is when lice are the greatest danger to your head. Lice reproduce at a ridiculously fast rate. Female lice can lay eggs just two days after mating. Here’s the astonishing part; female lice lay eggs up to 7 eggs PER DAY for about 16 days after mating! So a single louse can lay up to 112 eggs after mating just once!

Lice can live around 30 days during which they mate several times. Just a couple lice are enough to lay an entire population and infest the head completely in just a couple of weeks.

Breaking the Cycle

In order to successfully remove lice, the life cycle needs to be broken. Since most damage is caused by adult lice they have to be removed as soon as possible. Previously this was possible using anti-lice medication but because lice are now resistant to them, lice-combing is the best way to remove them.

Additionally, nit-picking is needed to ensure that a new batch of lice do not hatch after adult lice are removed.

Lice Busters

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